Module One Editing Checklist
Complete this form twice: Once on your own, then once for a partner (switch seats and peer edit).
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Writer’s (the author of the essay) First Name *
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Editor's (the person completing this checklist) Last Name *
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Editor's (the person completing this checklist) First Name
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Is there a STRONG introduction with a HOOK to capture the reader’s interest? The hook should be appealing, interesting, and catch the reader’s attention. Sample: A relevant quotation, question, fact, or definition. *
Is the scene set: character, time, and place are clearly identified? *
Is the final sentence of paragraph one a thesis statement: start of the story, moral/lesson, theme? *
Does the story establish the situation using well-chosen details? *
Is dialogue used effectively? *
Do descriptions appeal to all 5 senses (touch, smell, sight, taste, sound)? *
Does the conclusion successfully close the story and clearly state how the struggle was resolved (or not)? *
Does the author clearly explain how the struggle has affected his/her life? *
Does the conclusion include the lesson/moral learned and the effect on life after the struggle? *
Does body paragraph one include life before the struggle and events leading to the struggle? *
Does body paragraph two introduce the struggle? *
Does body paragraph three incorporate steps to begin resolving the struggle? *
Does the story have a clear sequence (i.e. chronological order—story in written in order of time) that builds to a logical conclusion? *
Does the writer use transition words to logically connect the sequence of ideas?• transitions between paragraphs to show a change in events• transitions used to show the progression of time *
Are there 5 indented paragraphs? (indented using the TAB key) *
Are there at least 5 sentences per paragraph? *
Does the story include vivid details and figurative language? *
Do sentences vary in pattern & structure (i.e. Each paragraph begins with a different word, sentences include a variety of simple, compound, and complex sentences) *
Spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and other mechanics are correct. *
Grammar and usage are correct.
Numbers are written out, no contractions. *
Is the story written from the first person point of view (the narrator is a character within the story; pronouns such as I, me, we are used)? *
Is the essay written in proper MLA Format? (using the template given?) *
No extras (underlining, italicizing, word art, “The End,” etc.) *
Comments that you feel will help the writer get an ‘A’: *
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