Employer Partner Application
Thank you for your interest and committing to work with a Fresh Futures intern this summer! Fresh Futures is a year-round character and leadership development program for Duval County High School students that also offers an opportunity for summer job placement. Beginning in October, students have received valuable training in life skills and work readiness in order to prepare them for this moment.

Important Dates to Remember (we will also send reminders):
1. Intern interviews can happen at your convenience!
2. June 1, 2019: Fresh Futures BBQ Party and Employer Mingle
3. June 10, 2019: Employment begins!
4. July 26, 2019: Employer/Student Appreciation Brunch

Monetary Contribution:
To partner with Fresh Futures and employ a Fresh Futures participant over the summer, there is no cost. However, with a $250 monetary contribution, your company can also help provide other "work-ready" essentials, such as: work uniforms, shoes, belts, ties (for our young men), hygiene kits, transportation assistance, etc. All contributions are tax-deductible and a letter of support can be provided upon request.

Please click the next button to complete the application to become an employer sponsor during our summer 2019 employment period. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 904.854.6770; option 1
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