Medford: From Vulnerable to Resilient
We want to know what YOUR vision for a climate-resilient Medford looks like!

Medford has recently published its climate change vulnerability assessment (read here:, which identifies the physical, social, and economic impacts of climate change on our city. The next steps for our community are to develop a vision and make an adaptation and mitigation plan. We invite you to be a part of that process!

We are collecting suggestions for 1) a vision statement that describes a climate-resilient Medford and 2) focus areas, or categories, that will organize the planning process for the mitigation and adaptation plan. These focus areas should comprehensively capture the physical and social characteristics of Medford.

We hope that with your help, we can create a vision that specifically captures the values and vitality of Medford.

Vision Statement
We have developed the following vision statement based on the vision statements of other communities: Medford continues to be a great place to live, work and thrive for the next generations, ensuring that its future is equitable, resilient and carbon-neutral.
How does that sound to you? Are there ways that you would rephrase this vision statement to more accurately reflect Medford's unique identity?
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What other words/phrases/sentences reflect your vision for a climate resilient Medford?
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Focus Areas
Based on other municipal mitigation and adaptation plans and what we know about our community, we have brainstormed a list of focus areas, or categories, to organize Medford's mitigation and adaptation plan:

- Buildings and Energy
- Transportation
- Waste management
- Ecosystems/Natural environment
- Culture of climate resilience
- Public health
- Awareness/Education
- Emergency preparedness
- Community leadership
- Social equity

What is important to you in creating a climate resilient Medford? Is that reflected in these focus areas? If not, what's missing?
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Are there any focus areas that you would like to rename? If so, what are your suggestions?
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Focus Area Descriptions
Example: For the focus area "transportation," we want to know, "What will transportation look like in a thriving, sustainable and resilient Medford?" You might say, "More electric vehicle use throughout the City," or "Fossil-fuel free transportation." This will lead us to develop action items for that focus area that might include, "Install EV chargers in public parking lots," "Increase outreach efforts to educate residents on the benefits of EVs," etc.
What are some words/phrases/sentences that describe that focus area in a climate resilient Medford? Please provide words or phrases for as many suggested focus areas as you'd like in the space below (Don't forget to name the focus area!).
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Out of the ten focus areas listed above, please select SIX that you feel are the most important.
For those focus areas that you did not select, explain why. Could they be more effectively grouped with any of the focus areas you did select? (For example, if you did not select "emergency preparedness" as a priority, maybe you think it is already captured by "public health" or "community leadership.")
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Volunteer for a Working Group!
Once focus areas are chosen, we will be forming working groups around each category to help us develop the vision for this focus area as well as action items. If you are interested in meeting to further discuss one of these categories, please write your name and email below, as well as your topic of interest. We will be in touch with more information. Thank you!
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Contact Information
*Please note that all responses will be published anonymously on our website. If you wish to include your name and contact information so that Energy & Environment staff can contact you about your ideas (but do not wish to sign up for a working group), please do so below.
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