A.C.T.S. Drama Club-Fall Registration
A.C.T.S. (Acting, Creating, Teaching, Serving) is the Lower School drama club and is open to any Lower School students in 3rd-5th grade who would like to explore drama ministry. A.C.T.S. students will all attend fun workshops once a month to learn improvisation and acting techniques (voice projection and enunciation, movement, characterization, emotion, stage directions, etc.). Drama ministry will be emphasized so the students can learn how to use the talents that God has blessed each of them with by ministering to others. Students will select if they would like to participate in readers’ theatre, puppetry, human video, or traditional style skits. Some students will have the opportunity to minister in chapel by performing skits and helping to set up monthly discussion questions in the classrooms; others will minister in the classrooms to reinforce the teachers’ lessons. Every student will have a chance to minister at least once during the semester.

Instructors: Mrs. Jena Stephans, Mrs. Jodi Ritter, and Mrs. Jill Moen

All students come the first Wednesday of each month, 7:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m.
Other Wednesday rehearsals from 7:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m. will be determined.
Cost: $60 each semester (plus $15 for t-shirt if doesn’t have one already)

Which type of dramatic performance are you most interested in? Please select your top 2 choices from the following list: Readers’ Theatre, Puppetry, Human Video, or traditional style skits.
Please select your top 2 Choices
Traditional Style Skits: Can easily memorize lines, is comfortable speaking loudly and clearly in front of large audiences
Human Video: Enjoys movement without speaking; acts to music; can follow and memorize directions; does NOT need to memorize lines
Readers' Theatre: Can read smoothly, easily and with expression; does not need to memorize
Puppetry: Enjoys controlling puppets and not being seen; good for those with stage fright
Instruction Only (Non-Performance, Participation): Will meet the 1st Wednesday of the month to learn basic drama and acting skills and participate in small group activities, but will not perform at all. (No T Shirt necessary)
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