Pre Course Questionnaire - 2021
Looking forward to meeting you and learning alongside you during your CDTC 2021 Public Lands Course . Thank you for taking a moment to tell me more about yourself.
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First and Last and pronouns
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What is the best way to reach you throughout this course?
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Best number to reach you throughout this course
Your Role *
Your role(s) within the Continental Divide Trail Coalition
Where You Live *
City, State
What time zone do you plan to participate from? *
The zoom meeting times are from 1:00pm-3:30pm Mountain time; guessing some of you may be participating from afar.
Technology - Do you have reliable access to these things? Check all that apply
The course relies on participants having strong internet connection to participate in interactive engaging zoom meetings. Breakout rooms are utilized in every meeting, multiple times. Also other online applications are used during the synchronous and asynchronous parts of the course. Participating in the zoom meetings from a phone from the road is not ideal for full participation.
What motivates you to participate in this course? *
Describe your familiarity with public lands in the USA from a historical, administration, and/or advocacy perspective? *
Short summary is good enough; just trying to get a sense of where you are at in your lifelong journey of learning about this topic.
What do you hope to gain from this course? *
How likely would you sign up for this course if on your own personal time instead of through work (CDTC)? *
How well do you know the other participants from CDTC who you will be participating in this course with? *
Don't know them at all
Extremely well
Special Circumstances?
Please let us know any special circumstances you may have that will limit your participation in the course. Also let us know how we can support you through these circumstances to be successful.
Anything else?
Tell us anything else we should know before we begin on February. 2nd. Thank you!
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