Phone Repair Course Survey
Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey. Your comments and suggestions are VERY important. We are building an industry leading repair course for training new repair technicians both for the new technician who wants a repair job or a repair store owner who wants to have a super easy and affordable repair training course for new technicians they hire. We plan to be a go-to for all things repair and one of the ways we will accomplish this is by building a world class repair training course like no other.

Please fill this quick survey and let us know your thoughts (your answers will be anonymous).

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How deep are you in the tech repair industry? *
What is your profession or skill? *
If you've used a repair training course (in person or online) what course did you use? Select up to 3 *
Do you want to use an online repair training course for your new technicians? Select only 1 *
What is the most important topics you want a repair course to cover? Select up to 5 *
What is the absolute MOST you are willing to pay for an excellent online repair course? (As a Repair store owner wanting to train your new techs) *
What is the absolute MOST you are willing to pay for an excellent online repair course and phone flipping course? (As an new tech or new store owner) *
What information or guides do you use on a daily basis for fixing devices you are not familiar with? *
Do you or your techs you manage use any magnetic mats or screw mats or holders? *
What device do you see the most in your repair store? Select at least 3 *
What device(s) would you want to see included in a Repair Training Course? (Check all that apply) *
Can I contact you for additional information? If yes, please include email address. (optional)
Any comments or tips for building a repair training course for you or someone you know who owns a repair store or wants to learn repair? (Optional)
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