Ladykiller by Zara Cox
Ladykiller by Zara Cox will be releasing on May 25.

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Jethro: I’m not a good man.

I feel zero guilt for what I’m about to do.
For twelve years I’ve masterminded my revenge until it’s as meticulous as my sculptures. With the end in sight, the headlines screaming the end of my enemy and his NYC dynasty will almost write themselves.

When karma—and a prissy little note from my downstairs neighbor—delivers another tool for my revenge in the shape of wide-eyed Isla Fairchild, how can I resist?

Isla: The guy in Penthouse 1A is the devil.

Jethro Sullivan is rude. Abrasive. Obnoxious. Unfortunately, he’s also ferociously talented, owns the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen, and a body that leaves women in filthy puddles. I came to NYC to reinvent myself, NOT to become an unwilling audience to his nightly orgies. Past me—the mostly good Catholic girl from Iowa—would suffer in silence. New me stands her ground.

We clash. And like his masterpieces, he chips away at my reserves, his callused hands dig into my secrets as hard as I’m rooting out his. Before I know it I’m completely under his spell. Forget reinventing myself. Now the devil’s embroiled me in his endgame, I’m on a dangerous course that might destroy me.
Contemporary Urban Fiction/New Adult Romance
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