Bull City Running Virtual Fit Process
To begin your fit process, please complete the following form with as much detail as possible. This information helps us understand a little more about you in order to recommend a shoe that meets your needs. The more we know, the better prepared we are to serve you. After we receive this form, we will contact you to schedule your fit session. Thank you!
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Based on the questions above, do you have any plans to increase or modify your current activity in the near future? If so, please explain (i.e., frequency, mileage, intensity, new training program, etc.) *
With your last pair of shoes or training cycle, did you experience any of the following issues or discomfort? (check all that apply)
If you are you currently dealing with any issues or discomfort listed above, please provide a bit more information. (Ex: shin splints on the outside on both legs; discomfort on top of foot after being in the shoe for a longer period of time.)
How old is your current pair of running/walking shoes? *
Are there any specific brands or models/styles that you are particularly interested in?
Do you insert a custom molded orthotic in your athletic shoes? *
If you have previously been fit for shoes, what size were you fitted for?
Please follow the sizing procedure found here and include the information below.
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Foot measurement: What is the length of your longest foot in centimeters? (Ex: 25.6) *
Foot measurement: What is the width of your widest foot in centimeters? (Ex: 10.3) *
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