An Open Letter to the Bentley Administration

We, the students and parents of Bentley University, hereby stand with the adjunct faculty, who deserve the right to negotiate for better working conditions.

About one-quarter of our courses at Bentley are taught by adjunct professors. Adjuncts often have the same educational backgrounds, teach the same courses, and put in the same time and effort for their students, yet they are only paid $5,000 per course and have no job security and no access to benefits. These conditions damage adjuncts’ lives, our education, and Bentley’s reputation.

We consider it ethically damaging and plainly wrong that Bentley would treat its faculty this way while endorsing ethics and social responsibility in business practices. That is why we support our professors’ efforts to join together to improve their working conditions and our learning conditions. We want to make Bentley the genuine national leader as the business school that applies its own values, first and best, at home.

Our situation at Bentley is part of a broader crisis in education. Across the country, universities are adopting a model of education that relies less on tenured professors and more on contingent faculty. This trend is bad for teachers, bad for students and bad for Bentley.

As students, we understand that any measure to improve the working conditions of our teachers will benefit our own education and as parents, we want our children to have the best education possible. We have a stake in the treatment of our professors.

We call on the Bentley administration to take this opportunity to negotiate a contract that significantly improves the working conditions of our professors.

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