2022 El Doce Ambassador Application
We are heading into our second year of the El Doce Ambassador Program and are looking for some energetic, mountain bike loving ambassadors that will be a good fit for our race!
Please take a moment and fill out this form. We only have a few remaining spots.
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Please select ANY of the following skills or tasks that sound like you. This will help us get you into the right role for El Doce. We have a variety of needs!
Are you local to the Ogden area and able to come into our office for an occasional meeting or prep work the few weeks before the race, or would you be able to join us for a Zoom meeting if that works better?
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If chosen as an El Doce Ambassador, which race would you sign up for?
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Have you ever volunteered for a race or event? If so, what was your role?
Have you been an ambassador for a race before? If so, which one(s)?
What other races do you plan to enter in 2021?
Why would you be a great El Doce Ambassador?
What is your most unforgettable biking moment? What made it extraordinary?
How do you hope to inspire your local biking community?
Why do you want to be an El Doce Ambassador?
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