Let's Be Pen Pals!
Courtney Harris Coaching is shifting some communications off of social media platforms and into inboxes and/or mailboxes. As I take the next step in exploring my relationship with social media and content creation (aka I hope to be staring at my phone wayyy less), I would love to stay in touch with followers, supporters, colleagues in a more direct, purposeful, and 1:1 way.

Thus, I am inviting folks to sign up to be pen pals starting in 2020!

The purpose of this experience is for each of us to give and receive friendly letters that offer the space for connection, collaboration, and dialogue. There are no specific parameters that will define what our pen pal relationship will look like. For example, the number of letters we may write back or forth, how long they will be, and the length of time between correspondences with vary. We may send traditional letters, but we may also share memes, YouTube videos, quotes, stickers, and so on. Additionally, we will each be responsible for setting boundaries that work for us.

Ready to get started?! This is how the process will go:
1. You fill out the form below.
2. Courtney receives the form and delivers the first letter via your preferred method within 2-3 weeks.
3. You and Courtney continue replying organically over time.

Note: Our communications are not a substitute for coaching, therapy, friendship, family, medication, or any other resources or tools.
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Thank you for stepping in to this experience with me! I look forward to connecting with you soon.
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