DiGRA Australia National Conference 2020 - Travel Bursary Application
DiGRA Australia is proud to offer students and early career researchers in sessional employment travel bursaries to attend our 2020 National Conference at The University of Sydney, February 12-13. A maximum of 10 bursaries of up to $500 will be offered. Requests for larger amounts may be granted at the discretion of the DiGRA Australia board.

Applicants must:
- reside in Australia, New Zealand, or South-East Asia
- be either currently enrolled as an Honours or postgraduate student OR have completed their PhD or Masters within the last five years, and not currently work in a salaried position.
- have a paper accepted to the 2020 National Conference
- not currently reside in South East Queensland.

Bursary applications will be considered shortly after peer review.
Application outcomes will accompany notifications of conference submission results.
In the event that more requests for funding are received than able to be funded, the DiGRA Australia board will assess all applications and fund those it finds to be more requiring assistance, or offer less than the requested amount to assist a larger number of people.

The information collected in this form will be viewed solely by the board of DiGRA Australia, and will not be circulated with any other individuals or shared with any third parties whatsoever.

Any questions or concerns about this process can be directed to DiGRA Australia president Brendan Keogh at brendan.keogh@qut.edu.au
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