Farmington Canal Heritage Trail - Trail Incident Survey
Safety on our trails, especially where they intersect with roads, is a big concern for us. We would love to hear if you’ve experienced any near-misses between bicyclists/walkers and cars/motorcycles at the trail crossings listed below (or others). Please respond with any details that you remember. Your input helps us determine where better signage, caution lights, or other intervention might be needed. Thank you!
1. In which town did the incident take place?
2. What was the time of year?
3. What was the time of day?
4. Who was involved? (Please check all that apply)
5. The incident occurred at/on ?
6. What part of trail, road, or intersection?
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7. Please provide any details you can about the event:
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8. Are there any other safety issues on the trail that we should be aware of?
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9. Do you have any suggestions on improving trail safety?
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