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Project Ennovate, Hyderabad.
Think Entrepreneurship. Think Innovation. Then think of the opportunity to empower and inspire hundreds of young leaders towards creating their own initiatives to positively impact the world around them.

Project Ennovate aims to change how social entrepreneurship is perceived in India by directly working with the most impressionable faction of society -students in the 15-17 age group in schools across Hyderabad. We need your help to take Ennovate off the ground!

Job role:
Project mentor - Creation and implementation of innovative workshops around entrepreneurship, complete guidance and mentorship for an assigned school team throughout the project, opportunity to eventually get deeply involved with Becoming I in Hyderabad.
Project duration - End of January 2014 to August 2014
Time requirement - Minimum 5 hours a week excluding time spent at weekly workshops.

Apply by filling in the application latest by 15th January 2014.
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