War of The Wings XI Registration Form
Please fill out a separate form for each person registering.

****If this is request for extra land (GHOSTING). PLEASE DO NOT fill out an additional registration for the extra land as this will handled separately to allow us to order the correct resources and keep the event costs controlled. Please contact Vincenzo d'Este at vincenzo.de.este@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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If yes, please verify that you have spoken with the reservationist before submitting your registration. (If you are unsure you can contact the reservationist.)
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Camping Choice *
If you are camping with a group, you will need to contact your land agent with your tent/pavilion measurements. If your group is not listed here, please contact the webminister, Baron Edward. Group camping is not available without prior arrangements. If you are not camping with a group, please select single camping. Every paid reservation receives 300 square feet of camping space.
If this is for a youth under 18, how old is the child? *
* VERY IMPORTANT – If you bring a child that is not your legal ward or biological child you MUST have a NOTARIZED Minor Medical Authorization Form signed by the child’s parent/legal guardian. We cannot allow a minor without their parents on site without this form and they will be turned away at the gate. None of us wants to be in that position. If for registrant 18 or over place a zero
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Are you currently a Seated Monarch or Landed Coronet?
Please select yes if you are a current seated Monarch or landed Coronet and if so see the following question.
If you are currently a Seated Monarch or Landed Coronet please tell us of which kingdom/Barony.
Please input the kingdom/barony name for the Lands which you reside over.
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