URLs for the #etmooc Blog Hub
Hey #etmooc'ers! We're hoping that everyone involved in #etmooc will have their own site to reflect upon activities & readings, share resources and insights, and connect with other thinkers.

To help us aggregate all of these spaces for you, we're asking you to submit your blog address below. If you need help understanding what we're asking you to submit, please take a close look at this resource created by @cogdog http://etmooc.org/hub/connect/

If you do not have any etmooc content on your blog, I will ignore it. Sorry. post something first.

We have to check each URL manually! Please please please, if this is a blog NOT totally about ETMOOC, make sure the URL points to an etmooc tag.category/label - We will not add a blog url that includes unrelated content. Also make sure you are publishing blog POSTs (not pages in Blogger and Wordpress) and that there is at least one ETMOOC currently published. Test the URL (like in another web browser where you are not logged in)/
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