Bulk Blueberry Orders
Sign up for your annual bulk blueberries! We are taking orders for this season, 10 Pound orders. Add your name to this years list today!
Order Your Bulk Blueberries Today
If you are looking for larger quantities of blueberries this is how to get them. We will notify you when we they arrive. Sometimes they will be our own but in general our Sage-Grown Blueberries are sold fresh daily and we never have enough to sell in bulk.
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Blueberries are weighed and put in two 5 pound bags. Please select in increments of 10 Pounds
How to use Blueberries
Many people freeze them immediately in smaller freezer zip-lock bags and use them on cereal, in desserts and even to snack on all winter. The prices last Season was $36.00.
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