The SundayMonday Work/Life Bible Study Trial Group Application
Thank you so much for your interest in hosting a small group trial of our first bible study!
How did you find The SundayMonday? *
What is your prior experience leading a bible study? *
Are you able to put together a group (4-10 people) and complete the six week study by September 17 (Latest start date would be August 13)? *
Are you planning to lead virtually or in person? *
This bible study trial is designed to help us iron out the study before we launch to the public. We'll need your help and thoughts so we can make it the best it can be! Do you agree to share your feedback after each session and the conclusion of the study? *
In order to send you the highest quality materials, can you commit to paying $5/participant for the trial? This is for a six week study, leader guide, and participant journals and covers the cost of printing and shipping. *
How many participants do you anticipate having? (can be a rough estimate!) *
What is your name? *
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