Loaded Ladle Volunteer Intake Form
The Loaded Ladle is dedicated to providing a welcoming and supportive space for our volunteers, and we as staff take directives from our volunteers to create a safe(r) community kitchen space.
The Loaded Ladle Volunteer Intake Form is a tool designed to record individual volunteer information to allow staff to better understand you and your need. We invite you to inform us of any proactive actions we can take to make such community space a safe(r) space for you.

Please fill out this form prior to you coming to volunteer in the kitchen, or when you start volunteering regularly in the kitchen, or at the beginning of each semester as some of the information may change.
Please note that only Loaded Ladle Admin coordinator (Laura), Volunteer & serving coordinator (___), Kitchen coordinator (Brian & ____) will have access to such information.
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Part 1: Personal Information:
Please provide the following information so the Ladle team has ways to contact you.
Your Preferred Name (First & Last Name), and Your Preferred Pronoun: *
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Your contact information: (e.g. email and/ or phone number), please indicate below if the email is not your preferred communication method. *
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I am a ... *
How do you hear about the Loaded Ladle? *
(Optional) Why do you want to volunteer at the Loaded Ladle kitchen?
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Part 2: Volunteer Schedule & Kitchen Experience
Please provide the following information so we can identify the time and kitchen tasks that best suit your need and interest.
We recommend you agree to volunteer 1- 2 (max) of the shifts, so it would be manageable for your schedule.
If you are not available during any of these shifts, please make sure you leave a note below and contact me at volunteer@loadedladle.com to discuss your schedule further.
If you were to volunteer in the Ladle kitchen, please tell us which one (or more) following time slots work for your schedule:
Cooking shift 9:00 AM - 12: 45 PM
Serving shift 12:45 - 13:45 PM
Cleaning shift 13:45 - 15:30 PM
If none of the above time slots work for your schedule, would you be available to volunteer the following time slots:
(Optional) Extra note you have for volunteer schedule:
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Please choose the response that best describes your experience in the kitchen: *
I can do it but need support.
Comfortable doing it on my own.
Comfortable doing it + helping others on such tasks
Knife skills (e.g. cutting up veggies)
Baking (e.g. cake)
Cooking (e.g. making salad dressing)
Making Pickles and/or other perserves
Menu planning
Doing dishes
(Optional) What would you most like to learn through volunteering with the Ladle?
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Part 3: Accessibility and Safety Information:
We understand that in our current society any public space can be hostile to individuals from marginalized populations. Nevertheless, at the Ladle, we try our best to take care of one another and plan ahead to create a safe(r), and more welcoming space for our volunteers.
Please inform us of any proactive actions you wish the Ladle staff to take below (e.g. allergy, dietary need, religious practice, language).
Emergency Contact (name & contact telephone number): *
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(Optional) Are there anything that you would like us to know about you? (e.g. allergy, dietary need, religious practice, language)
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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