Expression of Research Interest for "DRIP-10" (Doctoral Research Induction Program)
Two-week Online STTP/Induction Program on Doctoral Research for disciplines - STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics & Management)

Dear Researcher, Thank you for showing your interest in yourself. The information furnished here shall be used to identify your Commitment and Seriousness about your research endeavor. Please be honest with yourself.
Two-Week Online STTP (Interdisciplinary) (Self-Financed)
Course Fees:
Fees of Rs. 7,650 /- For ISTE Member
Fees of Rs. 7,650 /- For Non-ISTE Member (without ISTE certification)
Fees of Rs. 11,190 /- For Non-ISTE Member (with ISTE certification) - [The fees Rs. 11,190 /- includes course fee of Rs. 7,650 /- and Rs. 3,540 /- as ISTE life-membership fee]

The above fees is payable online only after shortlisting your consent form.
I hereby declare that, I have read and understood the terms and conditions of the STTP. I understand that the STTP is self-financed, and hence, if I am shortlisted, I shall have to pay the applicable fees for confirmation of my registration. *
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