Propose a project for the Seattle Data Science Hackathon!
Proposals for Data Science Tools or Pipelines that will be built at the February 4-6 Seattle Hackathon at Fred Hutch (aka "The FHackathon"). Please note, these tools should be broadly applicable to at least a part of the data science community, and having a team lead dramatically increases the probability that the project will be a go.

For more information on NIH-style Hackathons, please check out the following resources:

In ~ two sentences, please tell us about the project you are proposing!
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Why is this applicable to others in the community?
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Do you have a team lead for this project
A team leader is responsible for proposing a project for the event and having a clear vision for developing a solution. To accomplish their goal team leader is responsible for leading their team of 5-6 individuals at the event - this means clearly defining and delegating tasks, incorporating team members’ ideas to accomplish the goal at stake, and ensuring success of the team.
If so, who is that person, and what is their email address?
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