Vision Zero Texas Leaders
We're looking for leaders in every city, every county, and every MPO.

Just three people can change a city or a county or a whole metropolitan region. We are looking for dedicated volunteers to focus on getting a local government to adopt Vision Zero. Farm&City will supply research, data, training, and materials, but you need to go to city hall, to the county commissioners court meetings, or the MPO policy board meetings and ask for them to center safety in all transportation decisions.

And then you need to go back again. And bring some more friends. And get people to participate in a letter writing campaign. We're going to keep working on this until every city, every county, and every MPO in Texas has adopted a goal to end traffic deaths and serious injuries.
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Part of the Vision Zero movement are the Families for Safe Streets (FSS) chapters across the country, reserved for individuals who have personally been affected by traffic violence, or whose family members have suffered from traffic violence. Would you be interested in learning more about FSS?
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