Commit to make the 2020 Caucus the best that it can be!
There is a lot to do to prepare for the 2020 Caucuses, and many hands make light work, so thank you for your commitment to be part of the organizing team! FIRST, we need to evaluate and secure all 86 Precinct Caucus LOCATIONS. We ALSO need a CHAIR and SECRETARY for each Precinct -- that will involve training in advance, prepearing your team of precinct volunteers, and reporting your results after, as well as running & record the meeting on Caucus Night. FINALLY we need teams of volunteers to do check-in, crowd-control, etc. on caucus night. Please sign up below, and I'll send you the tools you need to play your part!
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Background 1: Did you attend the March 9, 2019 Odd Year Caucus, and write your comments / offers on the 2020 Caucus Planning worksheet then?
Background 2: Are you a member of the Linn County Dems' Central Committee?
Background 3: What roles have you played in previous caucuses?
Check all that apply
FIRST: Are you willing to help evaluate & secure your Caucus LOCATION?
This is our top priority right now. It involves checking out the locations we used in 2016 to be sure they are big enough, have enough (accessible) parking & seating, whether they have sound systems, wi-fi, cell phone reception, etc., wehther they are available, taking reservations, would cost or be free, etc., and where needed, also checking out possible alternate locations.
If "No, but...": Please note (1) what location you caucused at in 2016, (2) whether you think it would be good to use again, (3) any ideas for other possible caucus locations in your precinct.
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THEN: Are you willing to play a role in your precinct's CAUCUS LEADERSHIP TEAM?
People wiling to play these roles will receive plenty of training this fall, and refreshers right before caucus night.
FINALLY: Are you willing to volunteer ON CAUCUS NIGHT?
Check one or more.
Do you give permission to share your contact info with other appropriate Caucus Organizing Team members?
It would be very helpful to be able to share your contact info with others working on the same sorts of things you volunteered to help with in your own / other precincts.
THANK YOU for committing to be part of the 2020 Caucus Organizing Team! Please expect to receive an email in the next 24 hours outlining the first steps to take, and links to some resources to help you. If you don't get that, or have any other questions, please email *** Do you have any other questions / comments you'd like to submit before then?***
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