DELAMAN Lost and Found survey
This short survey (five questions) aims to discover sources of linguistic material that are in need of digitisation. These could range from a few cassettes to hundreds of reel-to-reels, or DAT tapes or minidisk recordings.

The survey also aims to provide online links to repositories that are otherwise not part of the international linguistic archives network. An example can be seen here:

Results of this survey will be compiled and distributed and will be used to design possible future collaborative projects.
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1. Do you know of recordings of small or endangered languages that are not yet digitised? These could be in personal collections or in established repositories that do not plan to digitise their collections. If so, please provide as much detail as you can about the number and type of recordings (reel to reel, cassette, DAT etc), the content, and the state of their current storage. Can you provide information about who to contact about these collections?
2. Do you know of collections whose catalogs are not available through federated searches (that is, they are only available if you visit their website and not anywhere else on the web) and for which we could provide a reference to make it easier to find them?  
3. Do you know of repositories of manuscripts that have received little attention from linguists but which are likely, in your opinion, to have linguistic records in them? These may include, for example, missionary archives or State administrative archives.  
4. Please include your name and contact email so we can follow up with you if necessary (email addresses will not be added to any lists).
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5. Do you allow us to publish anonymised information about your collection for funding applications?
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