SHYC Program Rules & Policies
Please read and review the following rules with your child and agree to follow these rules by completing this form.
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The SHYC Junior Safety Rules are to be followed by SHYC Juniors and guests (under 18).  

1. Juniors under age 12 need adult supervision  
2. Juniors under age 12 must wear a lifejacket to swim, crab, or play on boats/docks  
3. All juniors must wear a lifejacket when on a club-owned boat (sail, power, or paddle)
4. All juniors must wear a lifejacket at all times on boats and docks during Sailing Class
5. No purposely sinking or flipping the SHYC row-boat or Walker Bay  
6. Respect one another – no hitting, pushing, roughhousing
7. No running    
8. No going under the clubhouse
9. No going on the roof
10. No going on the breakwater or rock jetty
11. No swearing, foul, or rude language
12. No bullying
13. No littering on land or water
14. Pick-up after yourself (trash, personal gear, lifejackets)
15. No destruction of club or private property
16. No smoking, drugs or under-age drinking  
17. No cell phone usage during lessons
18. Bikes must be parked in the bike racks
19. Juniors must practice safe biking
20. Junior sailing powerboats are only for use for classes, lessons, and races
21. All club-owned sailboats (BIC, Opti, 420s, FEVAs, Paddleboard) must be returned to dock prior to sunset
22. All club-owned sailboats (BIC, Opti, 420s, FEVAs, Paddleboard) must be properly put away after use
23. Attendance – inform the coach or sport supervisor if your junior will not be attending class or is being picked up early or arriving late
24. Junior Sailing Class Specific Rules:
a. Stay with class unless you have permission from an instructor to leave
b. No swimming without instructor permission during class
c. All sailors must make an effort to sail out and return with a buddy
d. Must wear proper footwear during class (e,g, closed-toed shoes)
e. All sailing gear and equipment must be put away after class

SHYC Junior Discipline Approach.  SHYC uses a positive approach to discipline.  Positive reinforcement is encouraged and sets a positive tone for all children in the program. The children and instructors are expected to respect each other, the instructors, the members, the club and all equipment and boats. The SHYC Rules must be followed by all sailors and instructors. If there is an issue or major rule violation, the JR Discipline Policy Applies.

SHYC Junior Discipline Policy.  The rules and discipline policy apply to all juniors and staff. Violations include, but are not limited to, breaking these SHYC junior rules, inappropriate language, destruction of property, bullying, and physical/verbal abuse of another student, member, or staff.
First Violation of Rules: The offender will be spoken to by a senior staff member.
Second Violation of Rules: The program director or senior staff member will speak to the offender.  The parents will also be informed. The offender may be asked to sit out from classes the rest of the day and required to write an apology letter. A record of the event will be logged.
Third Violation of Rules: The offender will be suspended for one day. Parents and the SHYC Commodore will be informed. A record of the event will be logged.
Continued Abuse of Rules:  Parents will be notified and the offender may be expelled from the program/club for the remainder of the season. SHYC Executive Committee will be informed. (Program fees will not be refunded).
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