Directory of Hospital-based Learning Opportunities for L.Ac.s
Goal: Create a mini-directory of hospital-based mentorship/preceptorship/internship/shadow, etc, opportunities for Acupuncturists/East Asian Medicine practitioners.
If you say "yes" to the "permission to publish" option, your information will be published as part of one or all of the following: blogpost, webpage, and pdf on the HH website ( and This directory will be tagged in all related blogposts, such as the "how to get your foot in the door of hospital practice" series and the "Paths to Hospital Practice" interview series (in process for 2018-2019).
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What is available at your location/program? (preceptorship, shadow opportunity, internship program, fellowship program, course, or other advanced learning opportunity that is hospital-based or hospital-related--can be a learning opportunity or a formal program) Example: ABC Hospital, outpatient functional rehabilitation program, interdisciplinary, with L.Ac.s preceptorship opportunity available. learn more at preceptorLAc.abchospital *
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