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The Welcome Volunteer Application (All opportunities)
Thank you for your interest in volunteering at The Welcome Project.

Our volunteer ESOL program serves over 200 adult students who otherwise would not have access to English classes.
Committed volunteer teachers and teachers' assistants help build an intercultural learning community while gaining valuable teaching experience and forming lasting bonds with the diverse students they serve.

We also have opportunities with our after school homework program and with our youth interpretation training program. Please fill out the form about why you would be interested in volunteering. Feel free to skip questions that are specific for volunteer teachers.

Filling out this short application is the first step towards joining the Welcome Project's volunteer team and making a lasting contribution to the local community.

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Do you have any experience learning a second language? Please list all languages you speak (including English!). Indicate your level: beginner, intermediate, advanced, or fluent. *Classes are conducted in English. There is no language requirement for teachers. *
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Thanks for your interest in The Welcome Project. Gillian will contact you within the next three days to talk about your application.
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