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We would not be here if not for all the people who give their time, talents, and treasure for the benefit of all. Please help us recognize, appreciate, and celebrate the many wonderful volunteers that make UUCL a great community. Who do you know that is going "above and beyond" to use their gifts for our congregation? Who are the "Shining Stars" you know that deserve recognition?

We have so many fabulous volunteers here, and expect to get lots of nominations, so don't fret if your nominee doesn't appear right away in the Shining Star column in our monthly newsletter on on the Shining Star display board. Keep looking ;-) Thank you for being part of this way to say "Thanks!" to our wonderful volunteers.

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What should we know about this person's service to UUCL? What did/do they do? When? Where? Why? (Your write-up will appear in the newsletter and on a special recognition board, so please write it as you want it to be shared.) *
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