MGHfC Food Allergy Buddies Program Child Interest Form
The Mass General Hospital for Children Food Allergy Center is excited to launch the first year of its Food Allergy Buddies Program, a program of community-building events for children and families managing food allergies.

In this yearlong program, young children with food allergies will be teamed with older children and teenagers managing food allergies (“Mentors”); over the course of 4-5 events annually, the groups will share experiences, build confidence, develop self-management skills, and – most importantly – create friendships and have fun! Interested parents, as well, will benefit from access to community-building and educational events throughout the year with our partner AAFA New England.

What you need to know:
Applications are open December 1 through December 30.
Parents can apply on behalf of children in K-8th grade.
Participation in this program is free and is open to all children / families managing food allergies, even those receiving care outside of the Massachusetts General Hospital Food Allergy Center.
We are committed that costs should not be a barrier for participation in this program; transportation can be arranged for children and families, as needed.

As this is the first year for the program, we anticipate we will have a limited number of slots available. Applicants who are not selected will be provided with a list of local supports and resources for families and children managing food allergies; we hope to be able to accommodate more children and families in future years, and we will contact interested families about those opportunities.

For more information and to apply, please visit If you have questions, please email us at

We look forward to your enthusiasm and support for our program!
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