PROGRESSIVE MASS - URGENT ACTION: Call State Senators for Single Payer
Our summary of Sen. Eldridge's Amendment to s.2260, calling for single-payer reform:

Call (or email) your State Senator:
Ask your Senator--
--HOW s/he is planning to vote on Sen. Eldridge's Single-Payer Amendment to s.2260
--to VOTE YES tomorrow (Tue., 5/15) on Sen. Eldridge's SINGLE-PAYER AMENDMENT to S.2260

Record your call/email results below

Amplify your voice:
share this action with others, and tell them why it's important to act today!--person-to-person advocacy is how we win!
(Link to our email: )
Did you contact your State Senator?
Did you learn how the Senator plans to vote?
Who is your State Senator?
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THANK YOU; your action, multiplied by many others, is very important!
Please tell others to EXERCISE THEIR VOICE--and encourage them to call their Senators!
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