Invest in San Diego Families: BARGAINING PROGRAM
SAN DIEGO COUNTY residents and employees are coming together to demand that San Diego County put the needs of its community first for a change. For too long, the County has prioritized hoarding funds rather than meeting the County’s needs for Good Jobs, Smart Justice, and a Safety Ladder that truly help residents move ahead in our society. Now the County Supervisors have added giving themselves 12.5 percent salary increases to their top priorities, when poverty in San Diego is higher than during the Great Recession. Community members and those who serve them must come together to fight for change that will benefit all San Diegans.
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Invest in San Diego Families
San Diego County’s strategic mission is to “promote a safe, healthy and thriving community,” but the only way to achieve that mission is to invest in critical services and programs and in the people who provide them. To fulfill the mission, San Diego County must fully commit to the following:
Transforming the safety net into a safety ladder that helps people climb out of poverty and despair through full-enrollment and funding for health care, mental health, nutrition, housing and jobs programs that are accessible to all residents of San Diego.
Moving from the ineffective justice system based on reactive punitive practices to a system that funds and supports education, proactive engagement, mental health and drug treatment, rehabilitation and full reintegration into our communities.
San Diego County programs suffer from short-staffing, antiquated technology and underfunding. Because salaries and benefits have not kept up with the cost of living, County employees are among the lowest paid public servants in California. In fact, many county employees must depend on food assistance from CalFresh and other public benefits to support their families. By making salaries competitive with other counties, San Diego County will reduce turnover, increase the quality of county services and improve the economy of the region.
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