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The Touchet School District would like your feedback on choosing a new mascot for the district in response to SHB 1356. Please take a moment and answer the following questions.
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What is your current connection to the Touchet School District? *
What questions does the group still have regarding SHB 1356? *
What is the significance of a Name, Logo, or Mascot and is it directly connected to a winning philosophy? *
What historical events in our area should be taken into consideration for the Name, Mascot, or Logo? Our area has a unique history. How was it founded? Why was it developed? Why was the school placed in this location? Has anything been discovered in your area like dinosaur bones or archeological artifacts? *
Are there people or places that could be taken into consideration for the Name, Mascot, or Logo? Think of names and occupations. Were they railroaders or architects? Is there a bridge or monument close by? Could the ideas be combined in a unique way? *
What animal, native to this region, could be the Name, Mascot, or Logo? Make a list of the animals (Desert hawk) known to reside in the school’s area. Example: Is your area known for weather like tornadoes or hurricanes? *
Which ideals and principles should be considered when choosing the Name, Mascot, or Logo? Is the school known for its academics or its athletics? *
What are names, logos, or mascots, you feel would align with the TSD traditions, celebrations and history? *
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