Returning Counselor Application
(If this summer would be your first as a counselor at Camp of the Hills, please follow this link below to reach the New Counselor application. )

First of all, thanks for the great work you've done at Camp of the Hills that has led to apply for a counselor position in 2020. This form will help the Camp of the Hills staff decide which of our candidates to hire as counselors for 2020. In addition to this application, the staff will interview candidates to build a team of people with varied skill-sets, strengths, weaknesses, and years of experience.

Many years, we receive more applications for counselors than we can hire, both returners and new counselors. We value and appreciate the time and effort each counselor has spent at Camp of the Hills in the past, even when we have to make difficult decisions in the hiring process. Not being selected as a counselor should not be taken as a negative reflection on you or the work you've done here, because there are a plethora of factors that go into selecting people for these positions. Our best advice is to take the application/interview process seriously in order to give yourself the best chance to be hired.

You can expect to hear back from the staff in January as we set times for interviews. If you are applying during or after January, a staff member should be in contact you within two weeks of your completed application. Thanks again for applying and we look forward to talking to you soon!
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How much of the summer are you available in 2020?
Full-summer applicants are preferred, but some half-summer applicants may be accepted. All summer staff, including second half counselors, are required to attend Training Week from May 22nd through May 30th. If you know in advance that you would need to request a week off for a prior commitment, please indicate which days/week you would be unavailable in the next question.
Are there any days/weeks that you would need to request off?
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How long/in what ways have you been involved with Camp of the Hills?
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What do you think are three of your biggest strengths as a counselor?
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What do you think are three of your biggest weaknesses as a counselor?
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How do you plan to address those weaknesses as a counselor next summer?
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Based on your experience, what do you think are the most important facets of being a counselor?
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Please describe a time when you had a conflict with another counselor, including how you worked to resolve the issue.
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Returning counselors are expected to set an example for campers, volunteers, and new counselors. What kind of example do you think you would be if hired for this summer?
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Adaptability is a huge part of serving at Camp of the Hills, especially when it comes to co-counselors. How do you think you would do this summer if you were in a cabin with co-counselors who you found difficult to work alongside? What steps would you take to lead a cabin toward unity as a returner, even in tough situations?
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What is something you would like to see changed about Camp of the Hills to make it a better place?
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Serving as a life guard, ropes course facilitator, or archery instructor require additional certification/training before camp begins. Would you be interested in attending a training that Camp of the Hills paid for to be certified in one of these areas?
As we recuit new potential counselors to apply for 2020, we are always looking to include former counselors. In which of the following ways are you willing/able to help?
Feel free to check as many as apply to you!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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