Otaku Musika Festival: Cosplay Runway
WHAT IS COSPLAY RUNWAY: The objective of the Cosplay Runway is to promote cosplay as both a fashion and a hobby. It aims to promote cosplaying and also the uniqueness and creativity added to it by the cosplayer itself.

HOW WILL THE RUNWAY HAPPEN: There will be bands performing and while the bands are performing you have to do your ramp and catwalk. You should show your costume and characterization as well.


General Guidelines

1. There will be a pre-registration online for all participants at http://bit.ly/smcitybaliwaggrandcosplayrunway
2. Cosplayer can cosplay any genre from anime, movie, comics, manga etc.
3. Customization of cosplay characters is allowed as long as the basic look and feel of the character remains.
4. All participants should submit a reference photo of the original character in 3 copies. (Note: Failed to submit a reference photo will deduct 5 points on the final score)
5. Dangerous stunt or props will not be allowed.
6. The organizer have the right to refuse or disqualify a contestant upon sighting the reason and violation.
7. Please maintain your cosplay as General Patronage.
8. Winners will be announced at the end of the event.
9. Winners should be present to claim their prizes at the event. Those who are not present, their prizes will be forfeited.


1. Each cosplayer will be given 1 minutes to do the catwalk.
2. The cosplayer will have to mesmerize the judges with their overall totality as a cosplayer.
3. They can utilize the whole ramp for their performance.
4. There will be no human props allowed.
5. BGMs will not be allowed.


1. Cosplay Runway Award: Icon - Php2,000 in cash. The highest total score on all the criterias will be the winner.

2. Cosplay Runway Award: Costume – Php1,000 in cash will be given to the cosplayer who has the most accurate costume and blends with him/her. The highest score on the Costume criteria will be the winner.

3. Cosplay Runway Award: Characterization – Php1,000 in cash will be given to the cosplayer with the most resemblance to the character in his/her actions and performance. . The highest score on the Characterization criteria will be the winner.

4. Cosplay Runway Award: Creativity – Php1,000 in cash will be given to the most creative cosplayer in his/her costume, performance and catwalk. The highest score on the Creativity criteria will be the winner.

5. Cosplay Runway Award: Originality – Php1,000 in cash will be given to the most original costume by a cosplayer integrating the character of the original. The highest score on the Originality criteria will be the winner.


1. There will be a panel of judges who will deliberate on the winners per category.
2. Major criteria for judging will include:
* Costume - 15%
* Characterization - 20%
* Creativity - 30%
* Originality - 25%
* Audience Impact - 10%

4. Minimum number of judges for the competition will be three (3).
5.Decision of the judges will be final and unappeasable.

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