Wellness Workshop
I am beyond excited to get you crushing your health + fitness goals 💪🏼 with us in my VIRTUAL GYM !

SPACE IS LIMITED so fill out this ASAP if you are ready to crush it + be the best version of YOU🌟

This is for you ladies who are DONE WITH EXCUSES 🙅🏻‍♀️, sick + tired of BEING sick + tired, want to have more ENERGY !

I know what you are probably thinking, WhAT is a virtual wellness group and how does this all work?!

I have been helping A LOT woman for over 3 years now and I swear to you, they are the KEY to success on your health and fitness journey!

One group.
One mission.
Endless support.
Lots of FUN 🎉🎉!

It doesn’t matter what you did or didn’t do this year because right now is all that matters. Draw the line in the sand and make a decision to stay committed to a “New You”

This group isn’t about crazy restriction dieting, it’s not even about working out 6 days a week! This group is about making the mental shift in focus. ACTUALLY LIVING , enjoying the food in moderation, NOT beating yourself up. LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE, meeting great people along the way, maybe falling in love with a fitness routine (I sure hope so, because fitness has changed my life!), and obviously eating just a tad bit healthier than what you might be doing or not doing, right now :).

so this "gym" was created for you to be able to crush your goals without having to leave your babies but not have to sacrifice results. This is for those of you that have no idea what to do at the gym to get the results you want. this is for those of you that want the ACCOUNTABILITY + MOTIVATION to stay on track without spending 💰💰💰 on personal trainers + day care for your kids.

BUT this isn't JUST a place for killer results + more energy. this is a COMMUNITY where you will also become rich in confidence, positivity, and FRIENDSHIPS 😍

in this VIRTUAL Wellness group you will get ::
✖️access to the virtual gym (the same one I use!) 💻📱🖥📺
✖️over 800 DIFFERENT workouts 💪🏼
✖️workout calendar specific to meet YOUR FITNESS GOALS (we'll pick out a program together!)
✖️nutrition channel with HUNDREDS of healthy recipes + new ones always being added 🤭
✖️meal prep tutorials + pantry raid
✖️virtual yoga studio 🧘🏻‍♀️
✖️pre + postnatal fitness studio 🤰🏻🤱🏻
✖️superfoods (plant based or whey - your choice) to heal + energize your body from the inside out. 🌿 I wish I could put into words what this has done for me + my life. this is one of the best things for OVERALL HEALTH :: higher cognitive function, weight loss + maintain a healthy weight, ADOPTOGENSSSS that allow your body to handle STRESS! 🙌🏻 each serving has 70 superfoods, pre + probiotics, and digestive enzymes PLUS doubles as a prenatal vitamin (and it's not synthetic so your body actually absorbs it!)
✖️daily accountability + support
✖️our community to plug into daily along your whole fit journey
✖️so much I can't even fit on here like daily coaching, tips, fun challenges, flash giveaways, etc!

My focus is LONG TERM RESULTS. I want to help you improve not just your fitness but your OVERALL LIFE. 💕

So to be the best coach I can be :: I need to hear from YOU!

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