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As you well know, NYC is a complex place, filled with equal parts abundant resources and inefficient waste products. Community Composters are a resourceful bunch, and have developed relationships over time with community businesses and organizations that produce "waste" products that can be valuable to composting operations, but these communications are informal and occasionally exclusive (especially for those trying to find their way into the community).

In an attempt to organize communications and better gauge the interests and needs of the various parties involved, Common Ground Compost (CGC) developed and shared this Browns Information Form, which invites producers and users of carbon-rich materials to communicate their needs. While Laura from CGC has been coordinating pickups and dropoffs in her free time, Meredith from CGC and Gil Lopez from Smiling Hogshead Ranch (SHR) have teamed up to engage with more browns producers and users, to see how dense we can make this sharing network.

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