Questionnaire about Shodo
Hello! My name is Yuuki, a student at Kyoritsu Women’s Junior College in Tokyo, Japan. I am presently conducting a short survey about “Shodo” (Japanese Calligraphy) from people all around the world for my graduation research project. In recent years, different aspects of Japanese culture have become popular all around the world and I would like to find out how “Shodo” is viewed or understood by people of the world as well as other Japanese cultural products. Thank you very much for taking time to participate in this survey.
*Please note that, in some cases, one of the choices appears in questions -“Other”- and the buttons of the Survey Form may be shown in your local language due to the setting of your Google Form. When you write comments, however, please use English in answering questions.
Calligraphy Work A
What is your impression of Calligraphy Work A? *
Can you read the character (Kanji) drawn in Calligraphy Work A? *
Calligraphy Work B
What is your impression of Calligraphy Work B? *
Can you read the sentence drawn in Calligraphy Work B? *
Calligraphy Work C
What is your impression of Calligraphy Work C? *
Can you read the characters (Kanji) written in Calligraphy Work C? *
Among the 3 calligraphy artworks you have just seen, which one is your most favorite artwork? *
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