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Dress for all Alumni events is an orange band polo (any will work), black pants, black socks, and black shoes.
All call times are 1 hour before the start of the event. If you need to come late, that is fine!
If we are supplying pizza for a meet, it will be 30 minutes before call time.

Gymnastics Schedule:
OSU vs. Utah - Jan 19, 1pm call time
OSU vs. UCLA - Feb 2nd, 10:30 call time
OSU vs. Cal - Feb 17th, 1pm call time
OSU vs. Bowling Green and Alaska Anchorage March 1st, 6pm Call time
OSU vs. North Carolina and Seattle Pacific - March 15, 6pm Call time
NCAA Regional - April 4th - 6th, sessions TBA*

*The band will be limited to 30 People. We will select members based off attendance of the other gymnastics events. We will send out a sign up to those who have played at the other meets and send out a final list after the March 15th meet.

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Note: Any orange OSU band polo will work. New ones cost $35
Please select "Yes, I will be there" for each Meet for which you plan on performing, and leave all others blank
Saturday, January 19th Vs. Utah
Saturday, February 2rd Vs. UCLA
Sunday, February 17th Vs. Cal
Friday March 1st Vs Bowling Green and Alaska Anchorage
Friday March 15th Vs. North Carolina and Seattle Pacific
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