Nomination Form: Sociocratic Organizations
Fill out this form to request entry on the map of organizations on the Sociocracy For All website. The organizations submitted here should implement sociocracy to one degree or another.
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Description of the organization in 50 words or less. Include something about size (#members, owners, employees), context, and aims.
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Optional: The same 50 words description in a second language.
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Logo or photo that will be shown with the entry of the organization. You can either send an image to us by e-mail or provide the link to an image under "Other".
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Choose the main sector under which the organization will be shown on the map.
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This is the information we will use to locate the organization on the map. If you enter a street address we will include it in the public map.
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Sharing social media links is an easy way to let map visitors find out more about the organisation.
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Describe in a couple of sentences how this organization is using Sociocracy or give us a link to the organization's website where they describe how they use Sociocracy. This information will not be made public, it is only used by Sociocracy For All to determine whether the organization is a good fit for the map.
By submitting this form, you confirm that the organization gives explicit consent to be featured on the map of sociocratic organizations on the Sociocracy For All website.
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