wikiHow NAB Practice Test
Greetings aspiring new article booster! This document is meant to lend a helping hand with the goal of running you through some basic booster skill sets you'll run into and gauge where you're at and where you could improve. All with the hope of setting you on the path to maybe one day gain your booster star.

In this form you'll find articles of varying styles. Most should be edited, all should be promoted or demoted, some should be NFD'ed. It is your job to view these carefully and edit it exactly how you would if you were a booster. For the edit sections I would prefer if you copy/pasted the article and edited it like that. However, you can just state what specifically you would edit. If you're not going to c/p DO NOT JUST WRITE THAT YOU WOULD CLEAN IT UP. STATE WHAT YOU WOULD CHANGE ABOUT THE ARTICLE EXACTLY. WHAT WORDS AND HOW YOU WOULD CHANGE THESE WORDS OR CODE. For example, 'I would change dont to don't, etc'

If you're having trouble picturing the articles feel free to copy and paste them into and hit preview to view what it would look like as an article.

Important: Your answers will be reviewed carefully and you'll be given feedback and coaching. This is NOT a pass or fail quiz. This will also have no bearing on whether you become a booster or not. I have no power in deciding whether you are a booster or not. I am just an experienced user, long time booster, and admin.

If you have any questions or want some coaching about any aspect of wikiHow feel free to email me or message me on wikiHow

If you have any questions about the official NAB test feel free to contact

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