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Inman Coffee has 2 performance spaces.  One is  a full stage in the actual coffeehouse, and the other is a seperate back room.  For shows in the actual coffeehouse space, you have greater visibility to the public, but cannot charge at the door as we are a public business that must remain open for free.  In the back room space, we can charge a door charge, but in our college town pulling enough paid traffic can be difficult without some name recognition.  We are open to either option: with either option you may set out a donation jar, and set up merch for purchase as well.   *
If you answered "cover charge," please indicate the desired cover charge below.  (Inman takes NO CUT of the door charge for shows we are hosting.
All concerts that we host are to be family friendly.  As we are a part of The Salvation Army, you agree to not say or perform any content that is inappropriate for a general family-friendly audience, and that your performance will be free from language or inappropriate themes.  Do you, on behalf of your band/act and all opening acts you have invited to join you, agree to these terms?  Breach of terms may result in show shut down. *
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