2017 Contest Play / GI Crew Info & Leadership Application
Apply if you are interested in being on crew of being in a crew leadership position for the 2017 Contest Play & GI
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The time commitment for this show is unique. We will have public performances on March 2-4th. The Sectional Competition is March 18. If we are fortunate enough to make it to the State Competition, the show will go until March 24-25. You must be available to commit to this show until then (Note: The State Competition is the first weekend of Spring Break. Please plan your schedules accordingly, so as to be available if we make State). If there is a conflict, but you are still interested, contact Mr. Miller before auditions. We may be able to work something out.
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Please give a detailed description of why you are personally qualified to lead the crew of your choice. (the more detail the better) If you listed more than one crew, please address each position of interest. NOT NECESSARY TO FILL OUT IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN A CREW LEADERSHIP POSITION
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