Joslyn's Kent Bellows Mentoring Program Application
The Application Process
Programs run Spring & Fall, Monday-Friday from 4-6 pm, and Summer, Monday-Friday, 3-6 pm.

Step 1: Complete and submit the application form below.
Step 2: You may be contacted for an interview with Education Staff after the application deadline. If you are scheduled for an interview you will need two things: your parent/guardian; examples of your artwork.

Selection Process: We seek high school teens with diverse backgrounds who are passionate about the arts and committed to their own education. Past experience with art is encouraged but not required. Instead, we look for people who are interested in having new artistic adventures in a creative community. We are dedicated to an enrollment with student representation from throughout the Omaha - Council Bluffs metro area. High school juniors are a current priority. Student application and interview materials are reviewed by staff members and a committee of community volunteers. Interviewed applicants are notified by mail regarding admissions decisions prior to program start.

For Artist Mentoring Program inquiries contact our Studio Coordinator at or 402-661-3852.

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Spring (January-April): Programs run from 4-6 pm, Monday-Friday Summer (June-July): Programs run from 3-6 pm, Monday-Friday Fall (August-December): Programs run from 4-6 pm, Monday-Friday
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Kent Bellows Mentoring Program Descriptions:
STUDIO ARTS: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Screenprinting, Mixed Media, Ceramics, & Sculpture
In our traditional studio arts programs you will focus on drawing, painting, printmaking, screenprinting, mixed media, ceramics or sculpture, and explore various techniques associated with each. You will learn the history around each practice and about renowned artists working in your medium. You will have individualized mentor guidance, many hours of open studio time, field trip opportunities to explore local exhibits and resources, and will be encouraged to define your own projects.

In the photography program you will explore traditional and experimental photography techniques. You will develop black and white photos in a darkroom and look at the work of modern and historical photographers. Each student will exhibit their photographs in the semester exhibition.

Under the guidance of a professional curator, you will discuss art with a variety of working artists and arts professionals in different institutions, and seek to understand fundamental issues surrounding the creation, dissemination, and acquisition of artwork. You will also learn techniques for designing, hanging, and marketing an art show. For your final project, you will curate the Kent Bellows Mentoring Program’s young artist exhibition!

In the mural program you will investigate community murals, street art, and learn how to create art for public spaces. Under mentor guidance you will develop spray paint skills, experiment with traditional large-scale painting techniques and work collaboratively to create a local community mural for your final project.

In this tech-savvy program, you will work with digital software to create imagery, narrative animation, and motion graphics. You will learn how to work with drawing tablets and Adobe products to render digital bitmap paintings, vector graphics, and original animations. 3D printing and modeling tools are also available to you.

This program explores fashion design and presentation. You will work closely with a professional designer and peers to create original looks from a medley of fabrics and materials. Emphasis will be placed on professional construction methods, sewing techniques, and a final runway show. Teen designers will have a chance to work with fashion models and premier their work in local fashion events.

Are you interested in producing your own music? If so then the music production program is for you. Using professional software and traditional instruments you will work closely with a music producer to create and refine your original music ideas. Whether you sing, make beats, or play guitar, you will learn how to work with audio technicians in a professional music studio and get a chance to perform your music live in our teen salons.

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