Joslyn's Kent Bellows Mentoring Program Application
The Application Process
Fall 2018 semester runs August 21 - December 8, Tuesdays-Saturdays, 4-6 pm.
Application deadline: July 2.

Step 1: Complete and submit the application form below.
Step 2: You may be contacted for an interview with Education Staff after the application deadline. If you are scheduled for an interview you will need two things: your parent/guardian; examples of your artwork.

Selection Process: We seek high school teens with diverse backgrounds who are passionate about the arts and committed to their own education. Past experience with art is encouraged but not required. Instead, we look for people who are interested in having new artistic adventures in a creative community. We are dedicated to an enrollment with student representation from throughout the Omaha - Council Bluffs metro area. High school juniors are a current priority. Student application and interview materials are reviewed by staff members and a committee of community volunteers. Interviewed applicants are notified by mail regarding admissions decisions prior to program start.

For Artist Mentoring Program inquiries contact our program director, Weston Thomson, at
For general info/questions call 402.661.3891.

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Spring (January-April): Programs run from 4-6 pm, Tuesdays-Saturdays. Summer (June-July): Programs run from 3-6 pm, Tuesdays-Saturdays. Fall (August-December): Programs run from 4-6 pm, Tuesdays-Saturdays.
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Kent Bellows Mentoring Program Descriptions:
This program provides teens with an inclusive approach to the ceramic arts and encourages interdisciplinary exploration.There will be a great deal of discussion, preparation, and experimentation. Students will learn professional studio practices and how to express meaningful ideas through objects. (Class size 4-5)

As gallery interns, teens will work with a professional curator to learn the techniques for designing, hanging, and marketing an art show by visiting local galleries. Students will also discuss art and professional practice with a variety of working artists. For their final project, students will curate the Kent Bellows Mentoring Program’s young artist exhibition.
(Class size 4-5)

In this tech savvy program, teens will work with digital tools and methods to create imagery, video, interactive games, animation, and objects with 3D printers. Students will research current art and technology trends and make work for the end of semester exhibition. (Class size 3-4)

This fashionable program explores fashion as art. Teens will work closely with a professional fashion artist to create wearable designs out of a medley of materials that will be displayed in a live runway show. (Class size 3-4)

In this explorative course, teens will combine different materials and mediums into works of art. Emphasis will be placed on experimentation, process, and unique combinations of traditional art media. (Class size 3-4)

This music production program uses Ableton Live software and traditional instruments as music making tools. Teens will work closely with a professional musician and producer to create original music and sound art that can be performed live. (Class size 3-4)

In this program, teens will create self-guided art projects in a variety of mediums with occasional help from KBMP staff.

Teens in this program will work with a professional painter and learn how to paint with oils and acrylics. They will explore a variety of subject matter and painting methods. They will also have opportunities to stretch their own canvas and work on large or small scale pieces. (Class size 3-4)

In this course, teens work closely with other young artists and their mentor to explore a variety printmaking techniques from monoprints to dry point to screen printing. They will have many hours of open studio time and will be encouraged to define their own projects. (Class size 3-4)

This program focuses on spatial thinking and building three-dimensional forms. Under mentor guidance, students will use a variety of tools and materials to construct both additive and subtractive sculpture. Installation art and kinetic sculptures may also be explored. (Class size 3-4)

In this unique program, teens investigate urban art aesthetics and learn how to create art for public spaces. Students will experiment with aerosol and traditional large scale painting techniques and for their final project, they will create a local community mural. (Class size 4-5)

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