Clybourne Park (6/19) & Traces (6/25)

1 Play and 1 Urban Circus


In our continuing series of going out to Broadway and other interesting events, I have TWO new shows to offer.

Both are interesting and good shows

1) Clybourne Park - Broadway Play, winner of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize - Tuesday, June 19 @ 7PM

2) Traces - an urban circus with skateboarding, dance and acrobatics! - Monday, June 25 @ 8:30 PM

We hope to see you at one of these shows! Also, if people are interested, we can go to dinner beforehand for Traces at 6:30 PM, and afterwards for Clybourne Park. Let me know on the form below. Also, you may buy up to 4 tickets per person.


I can also get different dates for some of the shows, so if you want to attend but can't do so for these dates, let me know via email.

PAYMENT - You will be asked to pay me back via check the night of the show, but once you sign up, you are on the hook for these tickets even if you are unable to attend for some reason.

OTHER DATES - If you want to go to these shows yourself and can’t come on these dates, I might be able to get different dates around these dates for you. Let me know via the RSVP form and I will see what I can do to secure additional tickets. I need to know this information by the Tuesday deadline.


Below I have a list of the shows and all the details of these shows.

1) CLYBOURNE PARK on Broadway

219 West 48th Street, NYC

SHOW DATE & TIME - Tuesday, June 19 @ 7 PM ( running time 2 hrs)

Ticket Cost - $45 PER TICKET – tickets are normally about $89 -

SEAT LOCATION: Seating is in the mezzanine; there is no elevator in this historic theatre.

PLEASE NOTE: Late seating is at the discretion of the management. Adult language

Winner of the 2011 Pulitzer Prize and London's Olivier Award for Best Play, Clybourne Park is a humorous and fiercely provocative new play about race, real estate and the volatile values of each. The new Broadway play by Bruce Norris explodes in two outrageous acts set 50 years apart. Act One takes place in 1959, as nervous community leaders anxiously try to stop the sale of a home to a black family. Act Two is set in the same house in the present day, as the now predominantly African American neighborhood battles to hold its ground in the face of gentrification. This Broadway production is directed by Pam MacKinnon and features the original cast of the 2010 world premiere Playwrights Horizons production: Crystal A. Dickinson, Brendan Griffin, Damon Gupton, Christina Kirk, Annie Parisse, Jeremy Shamos and Frank Wood who won a Tony Award for his performance in Side Man.

Read our exclusive interview with star Jeremy Shamos about his Tony Award-nominated performance.

"hilariously funny a master class in comic writing and playing." - The New Yorker

"an ingenious, audacious, brilliantly acted lightning rod of a play." - Entertainment Weekly

"dangerous, provocative and pulverizingly funny." - Variety

"offensively delicious and combustible." - The Guardian, London

For more information please visit

Here is the NY TIMES review.


SHOW DATE & TIME - Monday, June 25 @ 8:30 PM ( running time 90 minutes)

TICKET COST - $35 per ticket

Seat Location: I am not sure where the tickets are located – they could be balcony, could be orchestra – we won’t know till we get to the show.

This popular production by the acclaimed Montreal-based troupe 7 Fingers is an urban circus that combines street elements such as skateboarding and basketball, mixed in with theatre and contemporary dance and "jaw dropping acrobatics" (The Denver Post). The story, told through music, song, dance, speech, illustration, and high-risk acrobatics, follows seven people who push their bodies to the limit with "sly, silly humor" (New York Post). At its heart, Traces celebrates seven individuals, their particular bond and their particular talents; their risk-taking; the ultimate affirmation of life; and their unbridled energy, proof of a collective pounding pulse.

How does this show blur the lines between circus and theatre? Read our exclusive interview with the creators to find out.

Creative direction is by 7 Fingers (Les 7 Doigts de la Main) and direction and choreography by Shana Carroll and Gypsy Snider. Traces is performed by Mason Ames, Valerie Beniot-Charbonneau, Mathieu Cloutier, Bradley Henderson, Phillipe Normand-Jenny, Xia Zhengqi, and Florian Zumkehr with alternate cast members Hlose Bourgeois, Sen Lin, and William Underwood.

"Beautifully choreographed and hugely impressive, TRACES has the goods." — Variety

"Tremendously entertaining...a brash athletic vaudeville." — Time Out New York

"...a fix of pure urban adrenaline." — The New York Times

"Effortless athleticism, balletic grace and youthful cool are hallmarks of this 90-minute entertainment that puts a fresh coat of thrilling on the notion of circus." — Daily News

"The audience was left gasping for more, having got out of their seats at the end for a deafening ovation." — The Sun Review

"This is unadulterated showmanship and talent at its very best." — The Sun, Edinburgh

"Part sexed-up circus, part physical theatre and part comedy sketch show." — Scotland on Sunday

"It will surely make an entire generation run away and join the circus." — Guardian Limited, Edinburgh

For more information please visit

Here is the review from the NY Times

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