FYEG Working Groups application form
This form is directed to young green activists willing to take part of the Federation of Young European Greens' political and campaigning work within the Working Groups of the federation that have been mandated by the General Assembly in Madrid 2017. The Working Groups mandated by the General Assembly for the period 2017-2018 are :
- Future of Europe Working Group
- Migration Working Group
- Climate Working Group
- Food Systems and Animal Rights Working Group
- Gender and Inclusion Working Group

You can find their descriptions here, and ask all questions you would have related to the Working Groups' work to pedja@fyeg.org . You can find more information on Working Groups here.

The General Assembly particularly stressed the importance of the three working groups on Future of Europe, Migration and Climate to lead this year FYEG’s campaigning activity, we therefore encourage our Member Organisations to closely follow up these topics with their constituencies and interested applicants, and extra questions are being added in the application forms on these specific working groups.

Deadline for filling this form is the 30th of July 2016, midnight CET.

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