NATA Association Feedback - Focusing Forward

The new NATA Board Structure is in a piloting phase right now. We are trying to determine where our focus should lie and what member's needs will be in the next 1-5 years and beyond. Please take 4 minutes to complete a brief survey that includes your opinion of which services are most important to you as NATA plans for support of art educators across the state of Nebraska. Please ask yourself what you need in order "to advocate for and advance art education in Nebraska to fulfill human potential and promote global understanding".


    Communicate a clear MESSAGE: The message is the answer to the question: "Why is learning in the visual arts essential to education in the 21st century?” Be VISIBLE: Get out of the art room/studio and into the community with your MESSAGE. Activate an Advocacy NETWORK: Identify and build an advocacy network. Action requires committed people. Include media, legislators, education decision makers and parents. Work with your state/regional NAEA organization to partner with your state Alliance for Arts Education affiliate and your state’s arts advocacy citizens group.
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    Change is inevitable. In this increasingly visual age, it is important to be connected to developments in visual arts education as they are happening. As an NAEA member, you are connected the latest resources developed to enrich your career and the education of your students. You are a vital part of the only national professional organization established exclusively for visual arts educators, and you have the opportunity to share your experiences and learn from your colleagues. Connect to your professional community as an NAEA member and gain exclusive benefits that you can find nowhere else.
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    We face an immense challenge to prepare all students for the 21st century with rigorous and relevant art education. Gain the professional edge through a variety of opportunities. Share and find innovative lesson plans. Communicate with colleagues who know what it's like to walk in your shoes. Support and expand your collaborative learning community!
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    Connecting you to knowledge, colleagues, best practices, and vast networks through the NAEA/NATA Community. Expand your network.
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