Opportunity Washington 2019 Post-Session Survey
1. Overall, what grade would you give the Legislature on its performance this year?
2. In assigning the grade you gave the Legislature, what was the most important determining factor?
3. What's your review of the legislative session in one 280-character tweet?
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4. Please grade the performance of each of the following
Very Effective
Not Very Effective
Least Effective
Governor Jay Inslee
Senate Democrats
Senate Republicans
House Democrats
House Republicans
5. Lawmakers approved several tax increases this session that are projected to bring in approximately a billion dollars in new revenues during the 2019-2021 budget cycle. They also considered a capital gains tax, but did not adopt it, and lifted the cap on local school levies, allowing districts to seek voter approval for increased property taxes. Do you agree or disagree with the decisions they made on each of these taxes?
Strongly Disagree
Don't Know/No Opinion
Strongly Agree
Tax increase on major financial institutions
Decision to not adopt a capital gains tax
Restricting sales tax exemption for nonresidents
Graduated increase in real estate excise taxes
Tiered business and occupation tax on select service businesses
Lifting property tax cap on local school levies
6. The $52.8 billion operating budget (including the new workforce education account) adopted by the Legislature for 2019-2021 represents an 18.3 percent increase above the current 2017-2019 budget, requiring a $1 billion tax increase. Without the new taxes, lawmakers had more than enough money to cover current spending obligations (the "maintenance level" budget). They chose to go beyond that by increasing funding for employee compensation, mental health services, workforce education, financial aid for postsecondary training, and more. Which of these statements comes closest to describing your view of the budget?
7. How do you rate the current state of the Washington economy?
8. Do you believe the actions taken by the 2019 Legislature will strengthen or weaken the economy over the next two years?
9. What part of Washington do you consider home?
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