2018-2019 LSC Grant Request

The purpose of the MSA Lone Star Council (LSC) grant is to provide financial support for MSAs in various capacities including, but not limited to, training, fundraising, leadership development, community and/or interfaith organizing, and learning about Islam. Please have your MSA finances with you before starting this application, and be sure to read through the following guidelines to determine eligibility. Each MSA registered with LSC is allotted $500 in grant money for the 2019-2020 academic year unless otherwise discussed.

1) The MSA must be registered with MSA Lone Star Council for the current academic year.
2) Applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to events for requests at or below $500 and 45 days for requests above $500.
3) Grant money may be used for education or community building such as lectures, workshops, fundraisers, speakers, etc.
4) Grant money may not be used to support events of the following nature: political campaigns, re-granting of funds to other organizations/universities, or LSC sponsored events such as MOS, Showdown, Project Sadaqa, etc.
5) If various MSAs are collaborating on a project or event, one grant request may be submitted; money granted by LSC will only fall under the MSA that submitted the grant request.
6) The project or event that the grant money sponsors must occur before July 1, 2020.

Terms of Contract
1) Any money granted through MSA LSC and not used for the event must be returned back to LSC within the specified time frame established by LSC.
2) Each MSA may only receive a maximum of $500 total per school year.
3) Failure to follow guidelines including proper documentation and misuse of funds may cause the MSA to lose future funding.
4) MSAs must submit the following within 5 days of submitting this application: a spreadsheet of estimated total expenses for the event, such as facilities, rentals, food, decor, marketing, police, etc. This spreadsheet must include estimated attendance and admission price (if applicable) and can be found here: http://bit.ly/2COzC4u
5) MSAs must submit the following items within 14 days after the event: (1) summary letter with photos or video links showcasing the event to LSC, and (2) budget spreadsheet with information detailing how grant money was used, with receipts.
6) Event must include the MSA LSC logo if a grant is approved.
7) MSA LSC may speak with the respective MSA board if further details are needed.
8) The 2019-2020 cycle for grants ends July 1, 2020.

For any questions or concerns, please email grants@msa-texas.org.
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