Table Saw Knowledge Form
This form is for people who are ready to be certified on the table saw and are 100% confident in their ability to use it properly and safely.. This means you are able to come in and tell us how the saw works, make adjustments to it, and demonstrate various cuts that we ask of you. If you are not 100%, if it's been a while and you need a refresher, etc, contact us about training.
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First and Last Name *
Describe in detail your experience of using a table saw. *
How high should the blade be set when making cuts? *
When making narrow cuts, what is your body position? *
How far from the blade is a safe distance for your hand during a cut? *
You should use a push stick when a cut is less than how many inches wide? *
What adjustment is made using the hand wheel on the font of the saw? *
Name 2 things to always check before using the saw. *
What should you always do before changing the blade? *
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