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This will help us to pitch your profile to companies and to get you in contact with them if there is a match.

Please know that filling out this form is not a guarantee of contract or full-time employment or consulting agreement. This form just collects inputs that we then use to match to prospective companies. 

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Questions? Contact: team@xoogler.co

The Xoogler community is a network of former Google employees who stay connected after leaving the company. With over 30,000 members worldwide, Xooglers share a special bond through their shared experiences at Google. Many Xooglers rely on each other for career advice, mentorship, and business opportunities post-Google. 

Key.ai is an community platform created specifically for the Xoogler network which was started and is run by the Xoogler community's co-founders. It provides a centralized hub for Xooglers to network, collaborate, and support each other's professional endeavors. Key.ai also offers a staffing service, connecting Xooglers to flexible work opportunities at over 500 top companies.

The symbiotic relationship between Xooglers, Key.ai, and our partners will provide ongoing value to the Xoogler community. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like to partner up!

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